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A jury-rigged repair. Anything held together with duct-tape, bubble-gum or baling wire. A machine put together by a hack , with a hacksaw and a trowel.
Me: That's a slapdash repair.
Used Car Salesman: What's dat?
Me: The windshield is held in by duct tape instead of a rubber seal.
από AviationMetalSmith 20 Ιανουάριος 2007
Origin of Skank : In the late 1960's there was a bus company called Schaenck Bus Lines. The floors of the busses were covered with crud, like the kind found on movie theater floors,under the seats. Rumors accused Schaenck (pronounced skank) of using company busses to haul garbage to the dump at night, a job normally reserved for garbage trucks. In 1970, I asked a bus driver what the filthy crud was under the seats and he replied "That's Schaenk!" refering to the president of the bus company. Someone overheard and, not knowing the the name on the side of the bus was was pronounced skank, added the word to her vocabulary. Within the year, skank became a synonyn for dirty filthy crud, or greasy grimy scum.
Schaenck went out of business and the busses are now operated by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.
By the mid 1980's , skank also came to mean a person, usually a heroin addict, who doesn't bathe and wears grungy clothes.
"What's that skank?"
"That was a sandwich last week, no... ten days ago, but now it has mold growing on it."
από AviationMetalSmith 20 Ιανουάριος 2007
An aerodynamic device used on tractor-trailer trucks. A spoiler is located on the roof of the tractor which deflects air from buffeting the trailer. Truck roof spoilers increase the top speed of the truck, save diesel fuel, and protect the refrigerator coils of refrigerated trailers from rocks that blow off of dump trucks.
The top speed of this Kenworth is 117 miles per hour, the same truck without the Spoiler only goes 113 MPH. By the end of the day I'm 64 miles ahead, because I have a Spoiler.
από AviationMetalSmith 18 Ιανουάριος 2007
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