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k1x, german brand for basketball apparel.
sneakers, hi-,mid-tops, shorts,...
brand is not that known here in germany, but famous in the urban scene, like and1 a few years ago.

the k1x sneakers mostly got 2 different gel-systems in their sole, one at the heel to absorb shocks after jumping, and one at the ball of the foot to boost your sprint- and jumping-skills.
-I just ordered the new k1x, in white/green.
-man, fuck you, I got em too. don't you know?
από Daben 28 Απρίλιος 2007
wahrscheinlich = probably
un... = not
=> implausible, improbable
Dass die Knicks mal eine saison gewinnen, ist leider unwahrscheinlich.

The Knicks winning the title, sadly is improbable
από Daben 28 Απρίλιος 2007
important rapper of the german hip-hop culture. living in heidelberg.
first was writer before doing the mc thing.
in the early 90s member of "advanced chemistry", a german rappin crew against violence and disrespect of races.

after many german rappers with english lyrics in the 80s, torch was the first german rapper.

the track "blauer schein" (blue glow, also bill, but also means appearance) is about an "100-mark-schein" (100 mark bill blue the old german currency) and it's effects on people. torch criticizes the commercialisation.

afrikaa bambaataa taps him as the leader of the zulu nation in germany because of his political, anti-racist lyrics!!!!!

the rappin 100mark-schein in torch's "blauer schein":
"so viele denken, ich gehöre ihnen, doch sie gehören alle mir, schaut nur, wie sie mir dienen"

"so many people thinkin, I would be theirs, but they're all mine, look how they're servin me"

"...die pudelmütze ist meine krone!"

"the beany is my crown"
από Daben 28 Απρίλιος 2007
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