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in english: Serbian penis!
ALWAYS LONGER than that of a Croat, Muslimana iz Bosne, and a Shiptar (Albanian).
Dumb Ass American Girl: "Gosh! You Serbian guys have a way longer penis than that of the Croat and Albanian I've sucked before!"
Serb Dude: " No Duhh Bitch, I've got SRPSKI KURAC."
από Proud to Be a SERB!!! 4 Δεκέμβριος 2006
A Country of great beauty, far greater than all of it's neighbors, Croatia & Albania in particular! Serbia is a land of great history, handsome men and gorgeous women! A country of intellectuals and athletes. Serbia exceeds in intellect and championship trophies! What has Albania won? Nothing except the title of ugliest people in the world! Serbia is feared by all, for the mere fact that our boys are braver and more clever than any shiptar or ustasha that comes alog. yeahhhhhh SERBs! SERBS are simply the most beautiful, intelligent, athletic, & feared people in the world. SERBIA rocks my socks off and all of you pay no attention to the negative remarks about Serbia! And also KOSOVO IS SERBIA so ignore all the fucks that tell you different!!! and also KRAJINA is gonna become part of SERBIA again you wait and see! SERB POWER!!! SERBIA IS THE HEART OF THE BALKANS!!!!
Serbia is awesome!
Kosovo is Serbia! all you other bitches suck itttt!!!
από Proud to Be a SERB!!! 4 Δεκέμβριος 2006
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