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to be a whitworth is a term given to someone who comes out of the closet after a long period of time posing straight. its also common that they will some what rub their sexuality in your face, by commenting on the apperance of every male that walks past. the term can also be appliead to someone whom comments "i am girl who was born in a boy's body". it is also believed that due to the fact that generally they are disliked for being weird, they try every thing they can to gain popularity, i.e learning karate. for this reason, its believed that they turn gay purely for excpetance, but is undoubtable annoying as fuck.
tom - hey guys what you being up to this weekend?
jake - getting bummed
tom- wow that was really irellevant, why did you find the need to tell me that?
jake - because im gay and everyone needs to know it. if you dont like it, then il hit you with my kendo sword!
tom - you fag, why do you have to do a whitworth on me, i dont wanna know you nob
από Thomas Andrew Crowther 17 Μάιος 2010

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