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a small, private, 4-year liberal arts all female college. In addition to a beautiful campus and incredible professors, the students are top notch, going on to higher degrees, winning famous fellowships, and getting awesome careers. They can compete with any ivy league graduate in a battle of wits and are known for their independent nature. For fun, they frequent nearby colleges, including Hampden-Sydney College, an all male college. They are the envy of nearby all female colleges, such as Sweet Briar College and Hollins. Viewed as mostly snotty sorority-esque girls, neither college can compete with R-MWC's brilliance.
SBC girl: We're so much prettier and richer than Randolph-Macon girls! *flips hair and adjusts pearls*
R-MWC girl: Looks and money only matter if you don't have a brain. At least I'm going to an intellectually challenging college and not just a finishing school.
HSC boy: Wow, a girl that can think for herself! Marry me now, R-MWC girl!
R-MWC girl: You'll just have to wait until after I finish my Peace Corps service and doctoral dissertation.
από friend of a friend 29 Νοέμβριος 2004
A five star man among boys with the mind of a champion and with no comparisons in sight.

Some say Hersh is so great he must be an urban legend, but he in fact exists
and not even the best of the best can compare with this grand chronic king.

It is someone who not only reaches for the greatest possible glory, but also grabs it and does not let it go.
-Ohhh shit...look, there goes a Hersh!

-Shhh, don't stare directly at Hersh and his friends for we are not worthy of their company.
από Friend of a Friend 6 Απρίλιος 2004
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