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(n.) The tendency for a person to use quotes from book they love on a regular basis, in the attempt to sound witty. also, using quotes or characters in a book to express the identity or emotions of a person in real life. this is done when a person realizes that their current situation is closely related to one in which they read in a book and feel it is appropriate to qoute the book in order to eloquently or effectively express their feelings in that situation.

This term is derived from the behavior of Edgar Wibeau (Young W) in Ulrich Plenzdorf's novel "The New Sufferings of Young W". Edgar quotes from Goethe's novel "The Sufferings of Young Werther" in multiple situations throughout the book, while also framing his perception of his own life through the lens of Werther's life as described by Goethe.
Colin: I love Shakespeare's work so much that I quote from Hamlet and MacBeth all the time.

Bill: You're clearly have the Young W. complex. On a totally unrealted note, do you know what a clitoris is?
από metalNC1250 9 Μάιος 2010
(n.) the tendency for men to immediately seek some form of physical satifaction outside of sexual stimulation almost immediately after climaxing from sexual intercourse. most commonly, the man will order the woman he has just layed to make him a sandwich or bring him some other delicious and filling food and drink. while she does this, the man will frequently proceed to turn on the television to watch sports or watch some humorous videos on the internet to entertain himself. this is all done by the man in the attempt to entertain and rstore himself while he rests from his sexual conquest and release. it is a natural tendency and is not intentionally brought on by the desire to avoid spooning, cuddling, or any other unsatisfying acts often demanded from a woman after sex.
Maria: I love it when Chris and I snuggle after he makes soft, sweet love to me.

Agatha: I wish Bob would cuddle with me after he finishes up in bed, but he refuses to and always insists that I go make him a BLT. I think he has the sandwich complex. He may fill to the brim with his hot load, but he ultimately makes me feel empty on the inside.
από metalNC1250 9 Μάιος 2010
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