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This term is used by nerds and losers when they see their friend got a hot girlfriend and now they feel threatened and jealous because the girl is takin their bud away. They dont get to spend as much time with him anymore. They start saying hes whipped as an excuse to try to get him to stay away from her. They figure hopefully if they taunt him enough he will just forget about the relationship and keep hanging with them 24/7. Ive also seen this used when 1 or 2 dudes have previously dated a girl then she starts going out with their friend, hes really feelin her and she is feelin him but the dudes dont want to see them together.
'Bros before Hoes' , sorry shes meant for me , cant keep us apart man, thats my soulmate, i dont care if you dated her and now call her bitch, her and i are soulmates. sorry you werent but dont hate on her , dont hate on me cause im with her and you werent man enough. Yea face it , she wants me and she really loves me. She didnt love you EVER- she just didnt give a shit about you but she loves me. Im not gonna let that get in the way of the REAL THING
από stellarkid 12 Σεπτέμβριος 2006
Oh yea, let me add something else here, remember ' bros before hos'. Lets see how many of those jack asses from high school who say ' bros before hoes' are still around when the shit hits the fan. Maybe 1 or 2? if that, if youre lucky, but the majority will desert you, the same ones saying dont go with that ho/slut whatever they call her. The bros are JEALOUS of the relationship, they arent out for your best interest. They say they are but when the shit hits the fan you see whos the one stickin around, its the one they called the 'ho'. The one who was slandered by the double standard and your bros envied the relationship, finally these assholes got over the fact you were with her, but they tried everything in their power to DESTROY the relationship, finally they get their own women , 'if theyre lucky' but you wait and see whos the one who sticks around, Its the woman. Not the bros.
The womans heart you have forever, the bros come and go. Maybe one or 2 will stick around, still they are jealous too. 'bros before hoes'
από stellarkid 12 Σεπτέμβριος 2006
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