One of the most incredible bands to come out of the punk scene in 1991. After a short break up to pursue college careers, the band reunited and put off plans for college for good. Today they are an incredibly successful rock band with a solid and faithful fanbase.

The current line up of AFI is
Adam Carson
Davey Havok
Hunter Burgan
Jade Puget

Many accuse AFI of selling out to the big label (Dreamworks and now Interscope) to become more successful, but few ever stop to think if the music has really changed and only asscoiate getting more money to, "sucking". The band has yet to have dramatic changes, but the fan base has most certainly changed from before.

A plethora of "scene" people or "music elitists" would accuse AFI for being a poser band and say that they "suck" and they've listened to sucky bands before. However, most of the people who have accused AFI of being a poser band haven't even listened to AFI before and only rely on the words of mainstream post STS fans.
1. A.F.I. is truly an amazing band, composed of poetic lyrics and talent.

2. Indie rocker: Ew, AFI are such a stupid band. Why not listen to bands that actually sound like music? Like, trulymadlydeeplysoulsthatring?
Normal AFI fan: I dare you to say that five times fast!

3. Music elitist: AFI are so passe, I stopped listening to them when I found Sublime and Op. Ivy. Only fourteen year old girls listen to AFI.
AFI fan: And I'm sure that plenty more listen to Sublime you bland overly opinionated starbucks coffee drinking music snarking elitist.

4. Most people who don't listen to AFI, don't bother listening to them because preppy girls listen to them, therefore making these pathetic haters, stupid. Why, you ask? Because they're basing their opinions on an artist on thirteen year old preppy girls. Instantly making these snide haters, tools because, really, who the frick gives a flying @!&#!* about what a preteen prep has to say?
από Elynor 4 Μάρτιος 2006
Top Definition
1) A rock band that originally formed in 1991, has become more well known after releasing their "Sing The Sorrow" CD. Much of their music is calming, and deeply poetic. The other half sounds more punk.

Because of this many people see them as an emo band, now based on a couple songs that they heard on the radio. AFI isn't exactly punk, and it isn't emo.

It's just... AFI. Who cares what scene they belong to? They have a unique touch and if you're into stuff with meaning than it'd be worth your time to try AFI.

AFI stands for "A Fire Inside."

2) People hate AFI and sometimes refer to it as "emo," it attempts to look hardcore and cool.
1) AFI rocks. Have you heard their song Morningstar?

2) "Lol I hate AFI. HATING A BAND MAKES ME SO COOL. I hate you emos. Hahahaha." Really the people that pretend to hate bands are the most emo of all. XD

από NattyWolf 16 Οκτώβριος 2005
1) a band, it doesnt matter what "scene", if you dont know them, you were never meant to

2) stands for a fire inside
"afi was never that popular, so why dose everyone hate them?"
από a fan forever, even if they arent popular 5 Οκτώβριος 2005
A band formed originally in 1991 who released many demos and EP's before actually being recognized. Once signed, the band recorded the album "Answer That And Stay Fashionable," an album widely seen as Punk. AFI (especially lead singer Davey Havok) is well known for combining the fast bass and pick scrapes of the punk scene with the deadly lyrics and defining sound of the hardcore scene. Their most recent album "Sing The Sorrow," however, is seen as an emo album, which apparently, makes it a complete waste of time. Not true. This is an outstanding CD which captures some things in life that most of us just don't see or understand. All in all, this band has definatley left its mark on the music industry, be it with Punk, Hardcore, or "Emo"
<knowledgeable person> Have you heard that band, AFI?
<poser ass-face> They are emo. I have never heard them. Ever. But I have heard that they are emo. Therefor: I hate them.
<knowledgeable person> *stomps on poser ass-face's neck and eats liver* hehe DIE POSERS lol
από washburnWR150 19 Ιανουάριος 2006
AFI- While it is hard to put AFI in a single genre they most certainly are not EMO. How could a band that was around before emo even became a word be emo.
PS. Jade started styling his hair way before the "emo" kids.
AFI is the best band ever
από Trace Barber 12 Μάιος 2006
"A Fire Inside" is a great band that has changed their musical style over the years; their music fits into many different genres. Their first three CDs are "Answer That And Stay Fashionable," "Very Proud of Ya," and "Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes." These CDs are obviously punk rock; the best one of these three is "Answer That And Stay Fashionable." Their next CD is "Black Sails In The Sunset," which mixes melodic metal and punk rock. It is undeniably their best CD. Their next two CDs are "The Art of Drowning," and "Sing The Sorrow," and they combine many new elements to their music that makes it hard to put them into a particular genre. Some of AFI's worst songs are on these two CDs, but there are a few (about 7 or 8) really good songs that are worth listening to.
AFI is a really good band; you should go listen to "Black Sails In the Sunset" before calling them some crappy emo band.
από lalalalalalalalalalalala 14 Δεκέμβριος 2005
a band that originally formed in 1991, then reunited in 1993 because of a positive audience reaction. by 1995, they released Answer That And Stay Fashionable, a tongue-in-cheek 90's skatepunk album produced by Tim Armstrong of Rancid, and released on Nitro Records. The lineup was Davey Havok-vocals, Mark-guitar, Geoff Kresge-bass, and Adam Carson-drums.
The next year they produced Very Proud of Ya, which was the same concept with more introspective lyrics and a tighter sound.
In 1997 they released Shut Your Mouth And Open Your Eyes, with Hunter Burgan instead on bass. The album's blistering hardcore punk had elements of gothic lyrics in it.
A year later they came out with the Fire Inside EP, and they had officially changed their acronym to A Fire Inside (formerly Asking For It). This album was a transition for the band since it was the last to have Mark on guitar, and that they began developing a greater interest in goth-rock, covering "the hanging garden" by the cure.
1999 saw the release of Black Sails in the Sunset and the All Hallow's EP. they had Jade Puget on guitar, and he was also the main songwriter. Black Sails is considered one of their best albums, and improves their goth-punk sound on A Fire Inside to epic proportions, and Havok's lyrics improved as well. the All Hallow's EP included the essential AFI anthems "Fall Children" and "Totalimmortal"
Two years later, the song "Days of the Phoenix" hit mainstream radio, and they were back with The Art of Drowning, another goth-punk album with profounder lyrics and vocal improvement.
After releasing the two-song 10" vinyl EP, "336", in 2002 exclusively at Hot Topic stores, they went into the recording room at Dreamworks, and in 2003, came out with Sing the Sorrow. Many of their older fans lost interest at the slower songs found on that album, shedding entirely of its punk influences and exploring deep, brooding gothic musicality. The album was a hit and its videos were everywhere, from TRL to the video music awards
After a three-year hiatus, Decemberunderground was released on June 6, 2006, reaching an even wider audience with its single "Miss Murder". This album pleased both their old and new fans with a variety of songs. Songs like "Kill Caustic" and "Affliction" were more-melodic echoes of Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes, "Kiss and Control" and "Endlessly, SHe Said" sounded like B-sides from Sing the Sorrow, and the rest of their material is their most experimental to date and explores 80's goth and new wave, glam, and even arena-pop.
the singles (so far):
He Who Laughs Last
Third Season
The Days of the Phoenix
Girls Not Grey
The Leaving Song Part II
Bleed Black
Silver and Cold
Rabbits are Roadkill on Rt. 37
Miss Murder
Love Like Winter
The Missing Frame
AFI was and is an amazingly talented band.
από sonofdracula138 21 Ιούνιος 2006
Originally a punk band started in 1991 in California by Mark Stopholese, Vic Chalker and Davey Havok. Their message was largely associated with punk, hardcore, and straight edge kids. A.F.I. means A Fire Inside. They started in high school and released a bunch of EP's then split to go to college. After getting back together they released their first album called "Answer that and Stay Fashionable" in 1995 on Wingnut records. This was an amazing album. They signed to Nitro records and released other awesome albums like "Very Proud of Ya" (1996), and "Shut your Mouth and Open Your Eyes" (1997).
A.F.I. started adding more gothic influences to their punk music after the "A Fire Inside EP" (1998) Adeline Records. This includes "Black Sails in the Sunset" (1999 Nitro), "All Hallow's EP" (1999 Nitro), and "The Art of Drowning" (2000 Nitro) which gained more mainstream success then any other.
In 2002 AFI sold their souls to Dreamwork Records and MTV, releasing Sing The Sorrow(2003) and DecemberUnderground (2006 Interscope Records). Their music, look, and message went through an extreme change. They are well known by the mainstream and have a huge nazi-like new fanbase that knows little of the old punk band or scene. The new fans often think just because someone doesn't like AFI means they have never heard their music. Their music is now more heavy rock, new-wave emo, pop-punk sounding with a touch of flamboyantness. Some would even say AFI were kidnapped, murdered, and had their identities stolen by a group of giggling gay boys in eyeshadow who now pose as being "A.F.I.".
Old AFI fan: Davey Havok is gay and had a sex change.
Old AFI fan: Have you even heard anything by AFI before they left Nitro records?
από kaystinks 23 Αύγουστος 2006
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