People who have nothing better to do in life and decide to ruin people's lives by using their super nerd brains to hack into your life and destroy it. It's a nasty cult, I'd say, and I wouldn't want to mess with these fucks cuz they really are internet jesus online with malignant intentions. Beware cuz these assholes will fuck your shit up, literally frying your computer and singe your life into nothing but a target for people to stalk you and ruin your life. It's like the Internet mafia almost, only there is a lot more verbal abuse and threats than actually deaths. They mainly target Myspace users and chatrooms.
Person 1: Yeah this Anonymous dude was threatening me last night and my computer went apeshit. He totally fried my computer, man...

Person 2: Shit, man. Sounds like you really need a big fat bowl of hash. Just think positive, man...

Person 1: Dude, I hope nothing goes wrong for my shit, man. If the damn hacker hacks my shit, I'm so fucking screwed...
από I_Like_MusiK76 27 Φεβρουάριος 2009
Anonymous is a single being composed by many being with one thought. this is a random conception only made possible by the massive amount of people that the internet connects. Anonymous is not so much a person but an Idea.

Being that Anonymous (Anon for short) is the collective intelligence, opinions, and beliefs of the people all over the world Anon will have a tendency to fight for the rights of human kind. Anon will erase any one it deems fit to erase. As Anon's will is not that of one person but of those the world over Anon is in the eyes of most "right". while there is no "right" or "wrong" a large amount of people will believe Anon to be "right" as a large amount of people are part of this one being.

Anonymous is a remarkable being for the simple fact that Anon is one of the few examples of a spontaneous worldwide entity who is intelligent and functioning.
Anonymous does not forgive
Anonymous does not forget
we are legion
expect us
από Anonymous mk II 11 Αύγουστος 2009
A group of like-minded individuals who protest the corrupt workings of the organization that controls scientology, not the religion itself.
Fred: yo man i just joined scientology today, i gave a forced donation of $500'000 to get the rank of supreme overlord

fred: oh no im bankrupt
*five seconds after saying that* mysteriously got a morgage on his house, left everything to the church of scientology in his will and was found dead this morning.

We are anonymous
we are legion
we never forget
we never forgive
Expect us

από TheTruthOfAnonymous 3 Νοέμβριος 2009
1) the final boss of the internets

2) a group that has been systamatically raped by fags, who are really just white knights in disguise.
από anonymous436345634563456345634 27 Δεκέμβριος 2008
Internet Super Heros.

The horrifing, final boss of the internet.
"Anonymous just took down an entire website."
από SaintCray 10 Αύγουστος 2008
anonymous are legion. they are the "internet hate machine" they are undefeated and will not be defeated. anonymous is god.
"We can not stop anonymous they be to powerful"
από anonymous66623890 3 Απρίλιος 2009
The collective underground and singular hive-mind being that keeps the internet turning. A selfless agent of all that is and is not.

Anonymous is the source of internets terror. As one person puts it, He is the entity that comes to save the day when Bad Things® happen to internets, ANONYMOUS IS A MORAL BEING. He never forgives and will always strike a deadly blow onto the unaware masses. BE AWARE: there are a thousand impostors, posing to be the real Anonymous. Don't be deceived... the real Anonymous is behind the corner watching you!

We are Anonymous, and we do not forgive.
We are void of human restraints, such as pity and mercy.
All those who break this pact will be eliminated without hesitation.
Those who perform reckless actions or wish to harm the Anonymous will be eliminated without hesitation.
Failure is not tolerated.
Enemies of the Anonymous include anyone who is not an Anonymous.
Our enemies are to be eliminated swiftly and without incident.
Anonymous must work as one. No Anonymous knows everything.
Betrayal of Anonymous is both impossible and unaccepted.
Manipulation of the weak and innocent is an Anonymous specialty. Once a victim is no longer commodious, they are to be eliminated.
No man-made or natural occurance can harm the Anonymous.
Under no circumstances are Anonymous human. We are above humans and mortality.
Anonymous are not to partake in meaningless tasks. Those who do are to be either reformed or eliminated.
You are legion, for we are many.
Anonymous is everywhere at all times. Yet, singular Anonymous are not permitted to know everything.
All have the potential to be Anonymous until they choose not to. Those who are not Anonymous are to be eliminated.
Anonymous has no weakness or flaw.
Laws of Nature and Man cannot restrain the Anonymous.
Anonymous is one. Feuding and argument amongst the Anonymous is both impossible and unaccepted.
Anonymous is in control at all times.
Anonymous has no identity. Those who are not Anonymous yet know our presence must be eliminated.
Anonymous cannot be contained by mere restraints.
Anonymous are all equal. No one is more or less important then Anonymous.
Anonymous must obey the Code. Those who do not are to be reformed or eliminated.
Anonymous worships nothing.
Anonymous cares for nothing but Anonymous.
Humanity is the virus; Anonymous is the cure.
We are Anonymous, and we do not forgive.
από The Anonymous One 9 Μάιος 2007
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