Deriving from St. Chad, Chad's is the smallest yet most perfectly formed college in Durham University.
Located on North Bailey, and next to a world heritage site (Durham Cathedral).
According to the majority, Chadsians are the friendliest people on the planet.
Boy: Do they go to Chad's?!
Girl: Yes...I wish I went there.....rather than that Hatfield dump.
από The Chad's Goat 23 Απρίλιος 2007
Noun. Most often a male, and largely nocturnal, Chads can seldom be seen during the daylight hours except to attend work and sometimes eat. Their main diets consist of meat and potatoes. Chads can also be identified by their love for video games and all things related. They also enjoy science fiction books, manga, online comics, and sex. These are items that are essential to attracting and maintaining a healthy, happy Chad. However, When a Chad is enthralled in a video game or book, it is almost impossible to achieve and maintain his attention. Chads are also infamous for their laziness and immaturity.

Despite their drawbacks, Chads are lovable, easy to talk to, great cooks, and considerate lovers. When the mood strikes them, they can also be quite generous, thoughtful, witty and humorous. In physical appearance, Chads often sport glasses, side burns, and dark clothing. They are short yet somewhat burly in stature and quite fuzzy. Ironically, these features can make Chads great at cuddling. Although Chads are notorious lay-abouts, once they are coaxed into work, they do so with great efficiency and enthusiasm.

Chads are invariable attracted to Cassandras, who may or may not reject their awkward yet oddly charming advances.
He stayed up all night playing Star Trek Online? He's such a Chad!

Stop being Chad-like and take out the garbage!

His artless yet amiable attempts at wooing the girl were quite Chaddish.

The ursine creature was somewhat Chaddish in manner.
από Haligren 3 Φεβρουάριος 2010
1. Slang for one's Scrotum, when stretched out prior to a tea bagging.

2. Large amount of Male ejaculation on the female face (Skeet)

3. In reference to the male anatomy, it is the area between your sac and your asshole.

4. Popular name, usually a Chad can be described as calm and cool. Most Chads know how to dress to impress and are considered sexy by women while being hated by jealous Haters.
For the alternate definitions most Chads are known as; Stretch Nuts , Splooge, Chode and other variations of the definitions.
Dude snap a pic while I lay the chad across this chicks face.
Bro last night I chad all over that chicks face
Guy 1. It’s so FN hot out!
Guy 2. I know I got the worse FN swamp chad ever.
από Trying to learn you some 15 Ιούλιος 2008
In the spirit of the English Chav. "Chads" hang out at shopping malls and wear the latest fashions no matter how ridiculous they look. At the time of writing this a "Chad" would be hanging at "Chad Central" (Chadstone shopping centre in Melbourne), or any other suburban Australian shopping mall wearing skin tight denim cut off jeans rolled up above the legs, white Havainian thongs, a pink, lemon, or peach t-shirt, and sporting a Duran Duran haircut.
Just go to Chad Central (Chadstone shopping centre) and look around.
από bunsen burner 8 Απρίλιος 2007
Girlfriend stealers. Often seen doing sick 1080ºs on a skateboard. Chads WILL steal your girlfriend, no girl can resist the rad power of Chad. Chads absolutly hate watermelons. Watermelons are a known repelant for Chads.
"We've gotta get out of here, there's a Chad!"
"Don't worry, I've got pepper spray."
"That won't work, Chad's +7 Radness repels all things except watermelons."
"Shoot! We're Ricked then!"
από PrettyMuchThat'sHowItIs 30 Μάρτιος 2015
Have u wiped your chad?
από Peachesandcream 30 Μάρτιος 2015
A country where everyone carries a tennis racket and ties a sweater around their shoulders.
I vacationed in Chad last summer, it was about as shitty as you would expect.
από _blondboy_ 4 Ιανουάριος 2015

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