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(1) Uncannily fashionable girl who breaks hearts and eats them for breakfast
(2) An Irish girl
"My brother just broke up with a Colleen. Yeah, her clothes match and she's hot, but my brother's missing a heart now!"
από Colleen and Danica 21 Ιούλιος 2006
Colleens are typically known for their beauty and mysterious ways upon first sight. Colleens, after being known by an individual, continue to develop their beauty inside and out, and begin to drag the individual in, seduced by its looks and personality. A Colleen is typically a blonde, petite, athletic, gorgeous person with smart intellect, witty vocabulary and a very diverse sense of humor. Colleens are very out going and loveable though sometimes shy and quiet. Colleens love to have their backs rubbed, and their necks kissed while lying in a comfortable bed. A Colleen is always looking for an adventure, so if an individual has one, she will most likely join in on the fun. When a Colleen is cornered or threatened, it may occasionally "fight", but more frequently take "flight". Colleens will run away from a problem or confrontation and play impossible to catch rather than fix it. Colleens will also hide their feelings or convince those with different ones to cover up its real feelings. These defense abilities are confusing and debilitating but are not hard to cope with. Colleens are easy/great to fall in love with, but they are impossibly hard to fall out of love with. Once hooked to a Colleen, you certainly will maintain a strong connection for a very long time. They are addicting like a drug, except the high is much more uplifting. When in love with a Colleen, the individual’s life will surely change for the better and many magnificent memories will be made throughout the time. The individual will never want the love to end and hopefully live a long happy life with a Colleen. If a Colleen says it loves you, you're in luck for sure. Colleens need to be taken care of and treated right, and though it’s very hard at times to figure out the right way, in the end everything will work out right, through all the ups and all the downs. They are just a part of a colleen that makes up a larger, more beautiful, indescribable thing that a lucky individual can enjoy for a long time. Also, those with a mustang have an advantage to finding a Colleen as stated.
Damn thats a hot colleen over there, I wish I could get at that.
από ILoveCocaCola707 26 Απρίλιος 2009
something so amazing, it's just better than sex. It's perfect, and nothing or no one can compare.
That's so awesome! I bet it was Colleen
από Colleen Heslin 20 Ιανουάριος 2008
Colleen is the most amazing you'll ever meet in your life, and she's also lovingly adorable. She's there by your side, day and night, rain or shine, or even if you have the worst days of your life. She's there, no matter what. She's smart, she's random, she's interesting, she's just overall amazing in every corner, and every segment of her personality. She's also very smart, and can't be fooled. She's nice, and tries her best at anything, even if it's possible or not. She's one in infinity, not even the most prettiest/smartest/amazing girl in the world can compare Colleen, because she's a billion times better than them. She loves to cuddle, and once you cuddle with her, you'll never want to let go, because she's the best thing that will ever happen in your life. Every time you walk into a crowded room with a Colleen, you can't help but smile that each person would be staring at you with great jealousy. Once you lose a Colleen, you better pray and hope everyday that you'll see her, and be with her. Just a glimpse of a Colleen can leave you breathless.
Colleen, without you, my whole heart would shatter in a million pieces. I'd take you back in a heart beat, even if putting my whole heart together piece by piece.
από whitecords 7 Αύγουστος 2009
An amazing girl with multiple talents. Everyone loves her and shes just the coolest ever
I saw colleen the other day, she was so adorable.
από mr mat 20 Φεβρουάριος 2007
an amazing person who acts retarded with her dance friends. Another name for, EXTREMELY sexy girl, and amazing dancer.
Wow, that girl can dance like a Colleen
από Colleen Mac 29 Ιανουάριος 2008
1. An Irish word meaning 'girl' or 'little girl'
2. A fabulous, wonderful girl, who is an absolute bookworm, but still awesome
1. *Irish accent* "Awww, look at that wee adorable colleen"
2. Person (a) "OMG who's that beautiful bookworm reading on the grass, perfectly placed in a sunbeam?"

Person (b) "She's probably named Colleen."
από 27-53-53-49FigureTHAToneout 9 Ιούλιος 2009
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