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An Android fan who goes on all forums to disparage every other phone OS (Windows Mobile, iPhone, Blackberry, WebOS, Symbian, etc.) and end up proselytizing Android. They are extremely annoying and should be dismissed.

They do not represent typical Android users.

Typically use all caps when writing "Android" and will usually replace the "o" with a zero.

"ANDROID FTW" is the standard calling tag.

See also phandroid.
Article on a new phone that just came out:

Fandroid #1: Hahaha, {insert phone} doesn't have {insert useless, frivolous feature}???!?!? ANDROID FTW!!

Fandroid #2: THIS PH0N3 SUX! GET A R34L PH0NE, ANDRI0D FTMFW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#fanboy #fanboi #android #google #htc #motorola #webos #blackberry #iphone #phone #cell #mobile #droid #evo #cellphone #nexus #nexusone
από takamalak 25 Ιούνιος 2010
An Android-OS user that is a fat, pimply faced loser living in his mom's basement. He typically knows nothing about technology but gets all of his self-esteem from learning how to "root" his cheap phone and pretending this makes him a technology expert.

Spends massive amounts of time in chatrooms trying to disparage other smartphone users for not being able to "root" their phones. Fandroids are always losers that generally suck at life and they are almost always virgins.
Typical fandroid example is the fat loser that sucks at sports and has no friends. They are always stupid as well, but they try to pretend they have technical knowledge by always going on forums talking about "open" platforms and "rooting" phones.
#phandroid #fagdroid #loser #android #fag #google #iphone #fandroid
από TheGreatOne121 10 Σεπτέμβριος 2011
An obsessive Android/Droid/HTC fan, who can't respect other people's opinions of cell phones.

Not to be confused with the other Android and Droid fans, who don't really care about how your phone choices differ.
1.) Samsung Fan: I like Samsung phones.
Android Fan: I like Android phones, but I respect your opinion.
Samsung Fan: Me too.

2.) Blackberry Fan: Hey, check out my awesome new phone!
Fandroid: Awesome...awesome? You dare call that obsolete waste of the Earth's materials awesome? Android is the best thing to ever exist. EVAR.
Blackberry: Well Android is admittedly cool, but I only use my blackberry for wor-
Fandroid: Work?!? What kind of work do you accomplish with that? Oh yeah...nothing! You can't accomplish anything. Leave society NOW and come back when you have cleansed your horrid soul of that disgrace to technology advanced, and buy the dominant HTC phones!!!
Blackberry Fan: *crawls into fetal position*
#blackberry #android #obsolete #soul #society #fetal position
από AeroFalcon 21 Σεπτέμβριος 2011
Like a M$ Fanboi, but for the Android OS.
Look at that Fandroid typin away on his phone, he does not even have multi-touch! -IPhanboy
#fandroid #fandroids #fanboi #fanboy #os #iphone #iphanboy
από peter pressure 7 Ιανουάριος 2010
An extremely annoying asshole who always goes out of their way to diss anything that is not related to Android. They are unkind to Apple and BlackBerry users and won't shut up about their fucking piece of metal and plastic.

Apple User: Well I prefer Apple because it looks nicer and is easier to use-
Apple User: ...
Fandroid: Ahaha.. Ha.. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go comb my neckbeard and kidnap some kids to have sex with.
από HaL9000 17 Δεκέμβριος 2015
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