JJ is an overated basketball player who does nothing but shoot jump shots. He plays at Duke, a university known for athletes who party, rape women, get in fights, do drugs, and ultimately fail in professional sports. JJ is a very cocky guy- a friend of mine in the communications department at G. Washington U said he tried to get an interview, and JJ said to fuck off. Reddick can usually be found shooting 3-point shots off of screens (he can NEVER be found playing defense). In his spare time, he likes to drive drunk, piss on women (it's his fetish), bitch and moan, and have Dick Vitale and Jay Bilas suck his cock.

While JJ was at Duke, he a had a squeaky clean image (ala Kobe), and he was proceived by the media as a model student athlete. However, following his leaving Duke, the real facts about his life have been revealed. First of all, many Duke students have reported that his was a cocky, mean, party animal- you know, your typical rich white boy who's a good athlete. Then, JJ was convicted on a drunk driving charge, as he tried to turn around to avoid a seatbelt checkpoint. Finally, Duke sluts have reported that JJ seems to have an odd fetish- pissing. Yes, girls at Duke say that, in exchange for going home with JJ, he gets to piss on you.

JJ's draft stock is dropping fast! His drunk driving arrest, lack of basketball skills, and newly discovered back injury, will drop him to the latter part of the 1st round.
J.J. Redick can often be found choking, as he can't hit any shots in the clutch. Meanwhile, Dick Vitale and Jay Bilas can also often be found chocking, on JJ's sperm.
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από Scotty Doesn't Know 21 Ιούνιος 2006
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Most hated NCAA Basketball player in the country and maybe ever. This is mostly because of his knack for the 3 point shot and free throw conistency (94% career shooter, best ever in the NCAA). A great shooter, but sometimes inconsistant. Does not have great shot selection.
"JJ Redick goes to the line for 2, which he will almost always make."
από TheChance 12 Φεβρουάριος 2005
J.J. Redick might be the most pure shooter to ever walk the planet..how can you stop a guy who shoots 50 percent from behind the arc, and averages over 22 pts a game...oh and 97 percent free throw shooter..i havent seen anyone answer him yet.
JJ goes off for 38 points vs the #3 ranked Demon Deacons..Are you kidding me? O and shooting 6-10 from behind the arc and 100% from the charity stripe.
από Beekers 23 Φεβρουάριος 2005
JJ Redick is a great basketball player. He will be a leader for Duke in the next two years, and hopefully, have a great NBA Career after that. He is a great shooter and a great person as well. He is the latest leader of the Duke team, fulfilling a role just as Christian Laettner did in his junior and senior season.
He is just like Christian Laettner, in that he shoots well and is a leader. GO JJ!!! ROCK THE ACC AND THE NCAA!!!
από BlueDevilForLife 6 Σεπτέμβριος 2004
(n.) Jonathan Clay Redick, otherwise known as "Just Jumpers" Redick. As a star player of Duke basketball, he is arguably the most hated player in the modern world of NCAA hoops. Just recently, he shot 3-18 in the 2006 tournament, therefore not only completing his legacy as a choke artist, but also validating the opinion that he is one of the most overrated college basketball players to date.
Joe: Did you see LSU bend over Duke from behind last night? The score was 62-54.
Bob: No, but I did hear the entire town of Durham, NC crying.
Joe: Oh no, that was just J.J. Redick being a pussy.
#jj redick #redick #j.j. redick #duke #jj reddick
από AforAmazing 24 Μάρτιος 2006
An AWESOME outside shooter who can bust a big shot in a time of need. He is also very hot and seems to be very disciplined.
J.J. will go on and become one of the greatest shooters in the history of the game if he continues to do what he's doing.
από Taylor R. 15 Μάρτιος 2004
JJ Redick is the best thing in sports entertainment today. And a hottie... you bet. People call him gay because they are just jealous of the way he shoots, scooter. So don't be haten on him. He's the best three point and three point shooter I have ever seen in my whole life.
The best basketball player ever.
από Michelle 27 Απρίλιος 2004
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