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It is used in many common countries around the world. The term "Jeremiah" means: "Pimp" or "Greatness" or even "playa".
Yo, did you see that cool ass dude, his name must be Jeremiah.
από Jeremiah Banda 29 Απρίλιος 2008
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Jeremiah is the hottest, sexiest man alive, and he is super sweet. He loves running and looking hot. He's pretty much the manliest man alive. Although watch out for his parents. They're kinda controlling.
Hey did you see that Jeremiah over there??? He's hott
από blaaaahhhhhh12221112245765 12 Μάιος 2009
A Guy; One That Will Change Your Life. To Start With, They Have Beautiful Big Eyes. Their Personality Is Wonderful&&One Of Best Things About Them. They're Really Funny, One Of The Sweetest Guys In The World, Extremely Good Looking&&Sexy. They Listen When You Need To Talk&&Stay Truthful To You. They'll Have You Falling Hard.. Mad Hard. Jeremiahs Can Have A Playful&&Playa-Feel But They Have A Complete Other Side That's Sweet&&Sensitive. Don't Take It For Granted. They Stay Strong&&Keep It Real Cuz They Been Through Rough Shit In Life. Advice From Them Is A Pleasure. They Can Calm You Down When You're Pissed, Cheer You Up When You're Down&&Comfort You When You Need It Most. If You Need A Shoulder To Cry On, Look For Theirs. Jeremiahs Are The Most Trustworthy People In The World&&Are Great For Having A Close-Friendship With. When The World's Turned Their Back On You, He'll Be By Your Side.
Aye You See That Hella Cool Dude Ova There?
Yea, He Be Jeremiah.
από JustAle 12 Φεβρουάριος 2011
A cool guy that is kinda weird but cool to hang out with.He will also get high with you.Also he is a little lazy.
Im bored so I should Jeremiah over so we can party.
από Jeremiah Pryor 30 Απρίλιος 2008
From the bible in a slim thugish way
Thats a weeping priest. Straight Jeremiah
από Niquel 23 Μάρτιος 2005
The most amazing friend anyone could ask for. Really nice, but sometimes very weird- but you love him anyway. Is always thinking of others before himself. Is sooo much fun to be around and joke around with, but is also an amazing person to go to when you just need to talk. Sometimes can get a big ego
In a bad mood?? Go talk to Jeremiah.
από 'insane'a 7 Οκτώβριος 2010
1. a book in the Bible

2. The Love child of Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam, in essence America.

3. a man of great power but is unable to control it he has the same affect as a bull in a china closet.

4.A very patriotic Person

5. A Mountain Man who Drop kicks Indians off horses.

6. a man who hurts people ALL the time.

7. a manly name.

8. The main character in a song Joy to the World,

9. a good friend, a drunk, and you never can under stand a word they say

10. a frog or just a really deep voice

11. the sound people make when they talk and they are sick.
1. I read the book of Jeremiah in Church today it was totally the best.

2. What a Hero

3. Quit braking shit, your such a Jeremiah

4. wow the man is so patriotic his name must be Jeremiah how can he even jump with all that bear fur

6.what the fuck your being such
a Jeremiah...Damn my arm hurts.

7. That guy is all kinds of man he must be named Jeremiah.

8. "Jeremiah was a Bullfrog"

9.can you ever understand that Drunk?

10. Lets Go get Some Jeremiahs, I love to fry their legs.

11.-----Damn he sounds like he has a frog in his throat
-----I know right he Sounds so Jeremiah
από theAMERICANgamer313 31 Μάρτιος 2009

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