Mcfly r this amazin pop band with 4 really fit guys spesh Danny! Anyone who says they sound like busted have never heard a mcfly/busted song in their life cos they sound nothin alike. So =P!
5 colours in her hair, obviously and all them songs on their brill album "Room on the 3rd floor"!
από Liz 31 Ιούλιος 2004
McFly are obviously a cause for much debate, alot of people respect them as musicians that cater for a section of the counties musical tastes, while another section of people persist in trying to rile their fans. I think we can see who the children are here.
McFly write songs that are pop, yes, and no, they do not pretend to be rock.
If McFly are only for conformist people then why do McFly fans get laughed at and told they are wrong everyday? If you have all forgotten, being a conformist is doing what other people WANT you to do. Liking McFly's music is not conformism, it is musical taste. Just as liking Guns n’ roses, Bullet for my valentine, Slayer, 50 cent or any other band is. People say 'McFly were manufactured for 8 year-olds' well The clash were manufactured for punks... do you have a problem with that?

As for the claims that they are manufactured do your research before you judge. Tom and Danny met at an audition for Busted WHICH THEY DID NOT GET INTO and spent alot of time writing songs in a hotel room before placing a PRIVATE add in the indie rock magazine NME to which Dougie and Harry auditioned for. Because Tom had almost got into Busted and had attended alot of other auditions he was known in the industry and soon McFly's talent was spotted and they were signed.
Does that sound manufactured to you?
To me that sounds like a band who worked for what they achieved.

McFly's Influences include the beach boys and blink 182. They describe their own music as 'pop-rock' and decribe themselves as 'A boyband with guitars'.
McFly's first single 'five colours' went straight to number one in 2004
από Imogen Bird 24 Φεβρουάριος 2008
pretty much the best band on the face of the earth. whose fanbase consists of teenagers to younger kids to, older people who enjoy the remakes of older songs, and the collaboration of classic rock with new voice. They are four amazingly hot and talented guys who know how to make music.

Danny Alan David Jones-lead guitar and vocals. he has brown hair that used to be straightened, but is now is left naturally curly. he has blue eyes and freckles. his hometown is bolton, and he loves the who. he is also the biggeset fan of 'the boss', bruce springsteen.

Dougie Lee Poynter- bass guitar and backup vocals, and some solo songs like the ones he has written, transylvania, and ignorance. he currently has dirty blondish hair. he loves and is inspried by blink 182. he has numerous sparkly light up basses and bright blue eyes. one of his favorite brands is etnies, and he is the youngest of the group.(20)

Tom Michael Fletcher- rythm guitar and vocals. he normally has bleach blond hair. he has brown eyes. like dougie, he likes to wear long socks with long shorts. he has one distinct dimple on his left cheek. his car is a light blue mini cooper s. he loves the beach boys, the beatles, and green day.

Harry Mark Christopher Judd- drummer. he has brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes. he's the only guy in the world that can pull off a mullet with no effort. he's very good at cricket and is the oldest of the band.

Now, not only are these four guys incredibly hot, theyr also incredibly talented. for every person who claims that they mime playing guitars, your very very wrong. they hav never mimed guitar playing ever since they started the career. at first, i actually did think that they ddnt play for real, because all of ther performances ddnt sound out of time or out of key, and most bands, even ones i like, happen to suck live. but them...they proved me wrong, i found out that they never mime guitar playing, which rele impressed me that they can sound so perfect all the time. also people say that they are copying busted. the thing is, charlie simpson of busted went to the same school, as Harry Judd from mcfly. as well as, matt willis and tom fletcher both attending sylvia young theatre school. on top of all this, tom tried out for busted and ddnt make it, but became very close friends with james elliot bourne. james has helped him, and to this day, still does, and did with mcfly's new album coming out july 21st. he helps write songs and find melodies. so in a sense, and mcfly has admitted to it, busted definately helped start them off on their big breakthrough by letting mcfly tour with them at the peak of their own career. sure the music they made may seem similar in a sense, but still will never be the same. all in all, mcfly are extremely amazing, and unless you dont like them because u dont enjoy ther music, you hate them because your jealous.. and thats completely believable :]
They got their name from Marty Mcfly of back to the future.
από Dilara x Mcfly 15 Ιούνιος 2008
a group made up of four strapping young lads (with flippin sexy voices) who have 7 number one's under their belt, a world record and 3 wicked tours, 3 albums and two DVD's.

McFly are a fantastic british pop band and have a large following of young female fans, not sweaty fat men like the rock scene so thoroughly enjoy.

They regularly receive underwear and get boobs flashed at them thanks to their musical talent, good looks and all round fantasticness.

Generally, Mcfly are much better than you and unlike Mark from blink, dougie has good hair AND Tom is no longer fat thanks :)

you all suck cock.
Artard: McFly are so shit. all their fans are teenage girls!

Me: Yeh, i bet that sucks. i'd much rather have sweaty fat men shouting at me and jumping on me than fit birds showing me their massive boobs. that would make me vomit.

από Chintastic 2 Ιούλιος 2007
The Band that have done More Charity Singles Then Girls Aloud.
Mcfly have done 2 Charity Singles and Girls Aloud have only Done 1
από Jenzzyuk 10 Σεπτέμβριος 2006
The best pop band i have ever hurd there amazing there music is amazing there amazing live there amazing pepole most there singles get to number one they have such a talented song wrighter and there awsome one word for them is awsome

and pepole that dont like em and make hate sites about them and have to say to every one that mentions there name say they suck and there gay E.G. Music...ღ
Most Stuff Bt Nt My Chemical Romance Or Mcfly I WANT THEM 2 DIE IN HELL
Thats the most gayest thing to say ever Just because you dont like them dosent mean that you have to say something like that

not every one likes them but theres not need to say crap like that
me : mcfly rock
girl 1 : Omfg yeah i know dougies so hot
girl 2 : I think they suck and there crap and i dont like you if you like them
girl 1 : soo... we have our opinions
girl 2 : yeah..
από mcflyerrr 13 Δεκέμβριος 2007
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