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Natalie Tran, also known as Community Channel on YouTube, is an amazing vlog]ger. She makes very humorous videos about those awkward moment]s that everybody encounters in life every single day.

Natalie is commonly referred to as the YouTube Queen of Australia, where she is the most subscribed YouTube Partner.

Natalie's primary audience is women, and as a result, comments to her videos are often quite funny to read through. Natalie is also the first YouTuber to appreciate comments (she was the creator of Porno Music Slash Comment Time, now with many knockoffs), and even claims to read every single one.
Loser 1: Hey Dude, did you watch Natalie Tran's latest video?
Loser 2: Yeah, mate, I sure did!
Loser 2: *Bursts into song*
Loser 2: We just touched! AWKWARDLY!
Loser 1: Was that strange for you like it was strange for me?
από SpockAwesome 29 Αύγουστος 2010
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A female youtuber who is quite funny. She hails from Australia and thus can be found saying words funny. She usually gets a mixture of comments from: "Hahah put me on porno music/comment time!" which she won' "boobies!" which she more likely would.
"Hey, did you see community channel, Natalie Tran, yesterday?"
"Yeah, that was hilarious. Oh, by the way I wonder when she's ever going to make lamingtons.." *cough* *cough*
από offturtleface333 18 Δεκέμβριος 2010
Australian comedienne known for observational, self effacing humor focusing on common everyday occurrences, often with a raunchy twist.

Typically plays all roles in a scene - through use of video editing Natalie is able to talk to her 'friends', who wear different clothes, but are also played by Natalie.

First performed in 2006 - creating a very successful vlog with a global following on You Tube, while living at home in Sydney and attending college. She has maintained a steady production schedule, producing over 60 videos a year. Her celebrity now allows her to travel abroad and report on her experiences.
NatalieTran made lamingtons on Community Channel last week...

Right mate - like that's going to happen.
από Max2400 4 Δεκέμβριος 2010

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