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A sort of hybrid between Hipster and Neo Hippie, this term is a pejorative use of gypsy that is more appropriate than Neo Hippie, because "hippie" just does not communicate how obnoxious these self-righteous organisms truly are. Found in great abundance in Asheville, North Carolina, these are individuals whose feces does not stink despite the fact that both their body and attire do, or at least have that appearance. The odorless fecal matter stems from the socially/environmentally-conscious lifestyle that they live since their marginal lifestyle does not contribute to the greater problems of society. These organisms are typically struggling artists/musicians and/or college students. It is advised that you do not engage in any sort of art/music/philosophical discussion with these organisms because it is likely you do not possess the credentials make any laudable contributions to any sort of conversation.

Typical attire consists of dirty v-neck or XL sweater or ironically retro dress shirt, jean or pants cut-offs, and dress shoes.
You see a group of hipsters who also appear to have some hippie tendencies, you shake your head and mutter, "Stinkin' Neo-Gypsy scum....."
από Thatguy987 19 Ιούλιος 2011

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