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Where LA-area gay men go to die after their 40th birthday, a la Logan's Run.
Bill: "Too bad I missed Dave's 40th birthday party. Where is he anyway?"

Mark: "Oh he's been shipped off to Palm Springs."
από B 15 Φεβρουάριος 2005
Like golf, old people, heat, and faggots?
Welcome to Palm Springs.
male 1: "Omg it's so hot, what should we do?"

male 2: "Let's go to sidewinders!what else is there to do in Palm Springs?" (gay leather bar)
#fags #golf #hot weather #boredom #lesbians
από Katie________ 9 Μάιος 2006
Hell, well pretty darn close to it in the summer. In the "winter" lots of old rich people visit and drive slow. Best place to torture a teenager because there is nothing to do. The strip has been dead for 15 years. Everyone is asleep by 8 because 90% of the people are over the age of 95.
Person 1: Hey your from Palm Springs? Katy Perry mentions Palm Springs in her new song California Girls.

Person 2: Yea I cant understand why that place is a hellhole. Old people go there to die.
#ew #palm springs #hell #hell hole #old people
από It's time to move. 15 Δεκέμβριος 2010
A place that conjures up "life styles of the rich and famous", but the harsh reality is Palm Springs is the new Southwestern United States ghetto. The weather is hot and miserable eight months out of the year. The other four months are blowing sand. The Coachella Valley. is rift with over-development and downtown P.S. is no exception vacant store fronts etc. The freeway into the Coachella Valley is littered with garbage which shows the amount of pride residents have in their community. This is no surprise since the area is full of tweekers and crime. Famous for its many golf courses: aka: prison resorts to keep said tweeker rift raft out while projecting a resort lifestyle reminiscent of a Japanese interment camp.
I went to Palm Springs and there was nothing to do. Unless one like to get tweeked, play golf and or get "rear ended."
#coachella valley #cathedral city #palm desert #golf #gay
από Brock Sandee 17 Φεβρουάριος 2007
A great place to catch a baseball game in the summer starting June 4th.
Timmy: I want to see a baseball game while I'm on vacation, where should I go?

Sally: Go to Palm Springs and see the POWER play almost everyday this summer! They even have Dollar Beer Nights on Tuesdays!
#power #baseball #bases #california #palm springs #coachella valley
από Rocky the Ram 24 Μάιος 2010
A nice place to stop while on your way from Arizona to California. A city in the desert region of Southern California about 100 miles east of Los Angeles. It is known for golf, sunshine and old farts and that's about it.
Palm Springs is a nice place to live...when I'm 80 and frail.
#california #sunshine #golf #bob hope #mountains
από krock1dk 14 Σεπτέμβριος 2007
A town located about 100 miles east of Los Angeles, in the desert. It's located in the coachella valley with beautiful Mt. San Jacinto as it's back drop. It's a play ground for the rich and famous, a green luxurious oasis in the desert. With numerous golf courses, pools, palm trees, great shopping, a beautiful downtown area with a star walk with quaint shops and fine dining.
Palm Springs is a green oasis in the desert.
από CaliAmes 21 Ιούνιος 2005
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