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A Retriubution Paladin on World of Warcraft, something that even a retard can do, just by facerolling the keyboard. like this

That is why they are called Retardadins.
Anyone who says
"Hey look at me I am a pro with my Divinestorm"
"I am not Imba I am Pro!"
"I love Blizzard!"
or even
"I pwn the noobs who can't play arena. All thanks to my divinestorm"
Are all Retardadins. Watchout for them. They want to faceroll YOU!
#funny #wow #true #paladin #retribution #noob #blizzard #faceroll #retardadin #pro #imba #world of warcraft #noobs
από Mr_Drix 24 Ιούνιος 2009
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