A manly sounding boy's name. A valiant man.
What's a great name for a boy? Riley.
από Fifi23 2 Φεβρουάριος 2010
A girl who can be sweet either extremely bold with her friends or shy when around her crush. Dont push her around. Shes braver than you think. Get to know her shes kinda awesome. She has a huge heart and a vivid and wild imagination. Usually brunette or blond. Irish name. You meet her be her friend. People she adores bring out the best in her. She may be extremely pretty but thinks she is ugly. Tell her the truth and be real around her. Shes awesome. She is special.
guy #1: hey is that Riley?
guy #2: no way i havent seen her in forever
guy #3: wow shes really pretty
guy #2: i wonder if she remembers me
από Farblowfriends 22 Δεκέμβριος 2012
The only girl in the world that gets me. She is a brown eyed brunette pisces and she has the most gorgous smile in the world. Her very essence has the strength to pull even the most depressed man outta his stupor and get back to his life. She is kinda a nerd sometimes and that's what makes her cute. She has an obsession with the ocean and any metaphor involving water she thinks is about her. She mostly listens to indie rock but you know she enjoys most music and will never deny the classics. She is quite literate and loves Stephen king though she's deep enough to appreciate most good works. She is the only girl that I can talk to about nothing all night and leave with the biggest smile on my face. She might be the love of my life but who am I to say. Although this probably won't get published if it does I want to say one thing, I Love You Riley-chan :)
there is no one else out there quite like Riley
από Thatonepiscesguy224 1 Φεβρουάριος 2013
A really nice kid, who may do stupid stuff, but is smartt.
he swears alot, and has been through alot in his 14 years of life. Knows a lot of people, but has few friends. Trusts no one, and is trusted by everyone. likes rap music, writing raps, poems , and just plain writing his feelings. he's an amazing drawer, and LOVES graffiti. He's a good friend, and a good person. Something good will happen to him, even if I have to do it myself.
Normally outgoing, a gorgeous, smilling girl who will be there for you through think and thin untill you show her a reason not to be. Riley's are normally the jealous type and very competitive. She has a nice body and gets distracted easily. But they're always fun to be with. You can trust this girl with anything and she will never tell a soul.. even she hates your guts. She can be smart if she tries to be. Oh, and If you get a Riley to yourself.. you're in for a treat ;)
"I wish I had a Riley..."
από Annon26 9 Δεκέμβριος 2012
A beautiful girl who is very laid back. She has nice hair and a smile that you could look at for forever. She will do anyone for anyone as long as it will make them happy, even if she doesn't benefit from it. Riley absolutely loves animals and will always help them. Her friends will often fall for her which troubles her a lot, but she will always be there for them. When it comes to relationships she will be faithful no matter what and is always in it for the long run. Trust her with long distance, and don't worry about small things because she will be there no matter what.
"That girl is so sweet"

"Yeah I know! That's Riley."
από .2013.937.cool 11 Δεκέμβριος 2013
Name for an awkward yet well-loved high school boy. Boys named this are often addicted to the internet, do a lot of theatre, drink an unhealthy amount of energy drinks, eat junk food every day but is still ridiculously skinny, and play a lot of video games. Boys named Riley are increabley caring and attentive. You will not feel lonely dating/knowing a Riley. He's more attractive than he thinks. You do not want to see a Riley's internet history.
John: "Hey, what's up with Frank?"
Joe: "I dunno, but ever since he started doing the play, he's been acting like a total Riley."
από imnotgoodwithfakenames 5 Ιανουάριος 2013
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