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A tv show about a lawyer( who has a Irish Father and Korean Mother) for a big company( Steve) in NYC who returns home to Pittsburgh just to meet his parents and comes up with a whack idea of giving it all up in NYC ( a promising career, big bucks and of course the glamour of working in the big apple) and running his Dad's bar which is about to close due to factors such as his parent's retirement. What follows is a series of hilarious events and a new experience for Steve who finds his true passion and re-unites with his childhood friends ( most of them losers). The show basically is centered around the bar and the characters in the bar who hangout there

The show is very entertaining, definitely worth watching to relieve your stress, it has just finished one season and I get a feeling that it will become a legendary show in the future.
Interesting characters to watch in the show are
Jodi Long ( Ok Cha Sullivan) - the openly rude and proudly snooty korean mom of Steve,
Owen Walsh- The lovable goofball ( he seems like a goof in the first season)
Hank Murphy- a hilarious old man almost bordering on redneck material who has a funny tone of talking
Jim- Did you catch Sullivan and Son?

Ash- oh yeah, it saw it on tbs, pretty cool.
#irish #tbs #sullivan #steve #comedy shows #bars #hangouts
από jerseyboy23 27 Ιούνιος 2013
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