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The Academy of Notre Dame, an all girls, private, Catholic high school in Villanova. The girls are incredibly hot and know it. They all drive the cars their daddy's bought them while blasting techno and rap music. They wear extremely short skirts, aka their uniforms, and have their Polo or Lacoste collars up at all times, they are very big fans of the crewneck sweatshirt. Don’t be fooled by the innocent sweater wrapped around their shoulders, these girls like to party and always have stories. They are keen on keeping the good girl image but for ulterior motives, get behind the cable knit, these girls are crazy. They are all tan, 90% of them naturally from being well traveled- not fake-bakers like Villa, they also like to show their tans off by wearing little clothes, regardless of the season, in a blizzard these girls will wear a mini skirt, they are mostly all blonde too. They spend their summers in Avalon at their families shore houses. They rack up a nice bill at their country club of choice signing their daddy’s name and number. These girls like to eat but somehow are skinny and maintain a low number of girls with eating disorders, compared to other all-girls schools on the Main Line. They are the ultimate Main Line Catholic schoolgirls. They are also down for and known to please...everyone. However there are some girls that are weird and not very pretty, but you can't judge them all on that, because most are absolutely smoking. They all are well dressed and do this by charging everything to mommy and daddy. They only shop at small “boutiques” on Lancaster Ave. and feel that they are 100% exclusive. Most will grow up to be well bred Main Line moms, who play tennis at the club, please their husbands and drive an SUV, so get ‘em while they’re hot because their appearance will outlast the other girls on the main line.
"Do you like this?"
"Yeah that's hot."
από GlazI409 8 Μάρτιος 2005
wow, stefabulous, you sound bitter. maybe you didnt get into notre dame? that sucks.
"notre dame is a bunch of whores" says stefabulous, as she rubs her celulite and is still hung over from the night before when she got with a few guys whose names she doesnt know
από eatshitstef 19 Μάρτιος 2005
An awesome place where awesome girls go to listen to the shins, death cab, and other cool indie bands in their awesomely eighties volvos that may or may not BREAK DOWN on the way to school. For this reason, I'm having trouble understanding why other onliners are criticizing nd girls for blaring 50 cent in the their flashy hummers, cause i honest to god haven't seen any nda gals like that around in a while.
Why, the Academy of Notre Dame? Those high schoolers are great, but why are they always putting down their SUPER COOL junior schoolers???!!!???
από seaplane 8 Οκτώβριος 2006
Why don't we all get past the Villa-ND rivalry and realize that besides our different uniforms we basically all go to the same school....all girls, Catholic, each populated by a relatively equal amount of pretty girls, ugly girls, sluts, prudes, bitches and nice people. Even though I go to Notre Dame, some of my best friends go to Villa and they are the coolest people. It's so immature how all these people act like one is better than the other and use the same "fat, ugly whores" insults to put each other down...neither side is being classy or original.
Bored ND girl: Look, I've actually used the words 'fat whore' seventeen times in one definition to prove how strong my unbased hatred is!
Bored Villa Girl: Hey, I've used the words 'lesbo slut' seventeen times in my definition too! I guess we must have something in common!
από anonymous 25 Μάρτιος 2005
Notre Dame girls are ugly, fat, and fake drunk and smoke pot because they have nothing better to do. They think they are hot but they aren't, in fact they are disgusting to look at. They were also losers in grade school and are trying to make up for lost times, but are still losers. They need to get lives.
beat-ass bitches with no friends
από haha 28 Μάρτιος 2005
NDA is the same as everyother all-girl school. Theyre all a bunch of fuckin fake drunk barbies with the small exception of a few who have taken a shovel to the face, and all of whom dont put they cant be considered whores. You cant distinguish them from any other all girl school
"OMG me and my five friends are wasted after sharin a 12oz water bottle of suposed vodka"
από go fek urself 26 Μάρτιος 2005
Notre dame is a gay all girls school where a bunch of stuck up rich girls go.They get money off of their daddys and mommys for stupid things.....suck on that (.) (.)
"DADDY! can i have 400 dollors for a pair of sunglasses?"
"Sure hunny how about 500?"
από loving this! 17 Μάρτιος 2005
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