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A facebook game where you tell the truth to someone that likes your status. Where most people are as fake as possible. Also known as news feed cloggers. Its not cool. please stop.
Truth seem to be a really nice girl. even though i dont know you i have heard nothing but good things about you (:

Truth is.....this game is stupid!!
από oooOOoooO? 3 Οκτώβριος 2010
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some stupid fucking game on facebook that people play, you like their status and they do a truth for you. if they dont know you, they will say..

"truth is we should talk more!:)" when really they dont give a shit about you and their just trying to be nice.

Its probably the stupidest fucking thing ever in history. Some faggots will not even get any likes for it, so they will write a "truth is" on somebody's wall anyways because their gay.
Example #1

Person 1: Truth is, we used to be best friends but we never talk anymore! D: you should hmu sometime!

Person 2: who the fuck are you.

Example #2:

Person 1: Truth is, you mad cute gurl hmu sumtime even though im like 4 years older than you and just wanna get my dick wet ;D

Person 2: Thanks :) and okay
από snapbacksAreGay 10 Νοέμβριος 2011
The facts of the matter.
1. If I'm smart enough to figure you guys out just by thinking a little, don't you think entities of higher power would be? I have done little to know research. Seriously, just thought processes because not one word out of fuckboy's mouth that was spoken to me was true.
2. I don't hate you. I am seriously trying to make you reconsider the things you do because I truly do care and think that all of you have it in you to be extremely successful people. i.e. you could all have amazing programing jobs where you could make a ton of money. sure you might have to answer to someone; but that's more sustainable.
3. I truly give each of you my best wishes and endless love.
4. I say the things I do because I truly can foresee the future sometimes and wouldn't want to see anyone truly effed in the A forever.
5. You can't continue what you do and expect to not reap any consequences.

Truth is I really do care.
από TootsiePopP 16 Μάρτιος 2015

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