a straight laced fool who hangs with his buddies from the frat house 10 years after college trying to pick up on chicks. shops at banana republic. tucks his woven shirt into his khakis and makes fun of people who don't drive nice cars.
"that douchebag is about to get his ass kicked"
από childish adult 24 Μάρτιος 2008
You know you've found one when you would rather rub Purell in your eyes than speak to him/her.
"My ex called off our engagement after I told him I would not agree to an 'open relationship'. He is such a douchebag."
από gelibean 15 Ιούνιος 2008
1) a used condom
2) a really annoying retard
3) someone who comes to a club usually wearing a wife beater, baggy jeans and sunglasses, even though its pitch black.

4) a vaginal cleaner
1) that dude left his douche bag on the couch!! GROSS
2) fuck get that douche bag out of here he's such a retard!
3) here come he douche bags again. ohh fuck look what there wearing, thats no surprise, lets go beat the shit outta them!
4) i gotta use my douche bag really quick hold on
από im da boss1030 3 Ιανουάριος 2010
Any person that thinks he or she may be better than another person.

Any person who may act like a complete asshole and try to be superior, but in reality, no one likes them.

makes a HUGE deal out of something so little, and makes fun of people in front of them with a stupid remark.

One who makes fun of someone, but is looking like a complete A$$hole.
Leon: Hey, we have lunch inside, can we play Torn City?

Nate: (Turns around to a student and makes some strange gurgled laughing sound) hgguawhaw, he's going to play Torn City! I'm going to play Tribal Wars.

Leon: In Torn City you have guns and you can mug people. And in Tribal Wars, you have your own village and upgrade all your houses. Douchebag.

Example 2: Nate: Hahaw, I got 8 words per minute on my typing test, what did YOU get? Huh? (note the superior voice he uses)
Leon: I got 27 words per minute.
Nate: HaHa!
Leon: Douchebag.

Example 3:Leon: Ha, that's stupid
Nate: Nie nie nir ni nir nir! (In a whining squeaky noise, yet still trying to sound superior)
Leon: Dude, shut up, your acting like a douchebag.
Nate: faggot.
Leon: Seriously, your-
Nate: faggot
Leon: I-
Nate: faggot
Leon-what are-
Nate: faggot
Leon: Shut Up
Nate: Shut Up
Leon: Dude, just-
Nate: Shut Up
(The douchebag says shut up really fast, shdup)
Leon: Come on-
Nate: Shdup
Leon: Just-
Nate: shdup
Leon: Douchebag
(In a squeaky voice the douchebag puckers up his lips and looks like a complete A*hole says:)
από TickTack 5 Ιανουάριος 2009
A person that is always doing one of three things (Sometimes more then one at once). First, drinking stories (this usually includes how much alcohol was consumed as well as what was done during and after consumption of said alcohol, usually these stories are incredibly over-exaggerated and not welcomed by the intended audience). Second, the douchebag, in his native habitat, is wearing Tapout, Affliction, or Ed Hardy "Gear". These stylistic choices are usually accompanied by spiked hair, fist pumping, and Jager-Bombs (and for a short period "Four Loco"). Third, the douchebag only refers to the female gender as: Bitch, slut, whore, grenade, and/or land-mine.
Douchebag #1 - Lets spike up our respective hair do's, throw on our Ed Hardy Gear, and do some Jager-bombs!!!

Douchebag #2 - Sg, but you gotta take tha' grenade chick that hangs out with that slut i've been trying to bang all weekend, I called dibs

Douchebag #1 - K, but your buyin the Jag-Bombs...

Onlooking Bro #1 - Bro, those guys are douchebags

Onlooking Bro #2 - Thats Chill
από nattybrochill420 18 Δεκέμβριος 2010
People we generally do not like.
Dude: I don't like that guy over there.

Other Dude: He's probably a douchbag.

Dude: I generally don't like douchebags.
από Nagballs 17 Ιούλιος 2009
(n) {French, fr. Italian "doccia"}
1. An object used for vaginal hygeine.
2. Jason Mraz
1. A vaginal cleaning is simply incomplete without a proper douche bag.
2. That douche bag is still peddling his corny tripe on the radio.
από janet99 8 Φεβρουάριος 2009
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