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when the mexican totally whooped lee's ass.
Lee only dreams of being as powerful as the mexican. He also had sex with daniel feree.
από Lee the pussy 13 Μάρτιος 2005
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This is the war between the pussy Lee and the almighty mexican. Lee was talking shit to the mexican in tech so he decided to kick his ass. Lee went to the mexicans house that same day and the mexican struck lee in the face with one mighty fist. lee then ran home crying like a pussy while the mexican laughed at him. The almighty mexican had won.
lee also had sex with daniel feree.they are going out.
από Lee the pussy 14 Μάρτιος 2005
One fateful day in tech ed, that damn mexican was stirrin' shit up because he had gotten a better grade on the tool test than me. So after a short verbal battle, I (General Lee) to declare war on that shitfaced wetback. The war lasted all of the way until 8th period, where I got him to sign a treaty by using a great battle tactic. (I told him me and Zayne and Michel were gonna throw his books all over da place after school) I made him sign his name, and he had to write a one-paged essay about how sorry he was. So I won the first war. Raul is a terrible leader and a stupid spic. He enjoys celebrating lawnuhka and is an avid producer of bullshit. Daniel Feree is one of his best friends and they play together and watch stupid Jap shows at Daniels. I am the superior.

If you don't belive this war ever occured, simply ask Mr. Simper. He wittnessed the treaty and can tell you that I am the "tech master"
(this takes place in 2054)

Student 1 - "man i hate studying the war of lee and raul"

Student 2 - "tru dat, all we should need to know is that lee won and raul is a pussy."

Student 3 (desendent of daniel ferree) - "i'm a total fatass"
από General Lee , KT TX 13 Μάρτιος 2005
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