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That into which a cock longs to be plunged -- usually balls deep -- repeatedly.

Plunging and replunging is best experienced with a cock of AT LEAST seven and a half inches length and considerable girth.
In middle school his hand was the warm orifice or so he deluded himself. That and a jizz sock started his conditioning of gratifying lust combined with fornication visualisation. Inured he would one day forge a habit of fornicating which would further harden his heart.

In high school he was able to buy devices to simulate a warm orifice; he was much more satisfied, albeit greater lust, with more vivid testosterone enhanced visualisations. In the afterglow of a softened cock he was unaware of his further hardening heart. At least he was without risk of becoming an std dispenser.

Gorged on simulated warm orifices, the flames of concupiscence burning brightly, blinded with hardened heart, he started using women for their warm orifices. Selfishly indifferent to the potential for conception and fatherhood brief though oral "contraceptives" allowed, he plunged and replunged his cock into each of her warm orifices in turn ultimately discarding her for the next set of warm orifices.

Married now and having abandoned the abortifacients masquerading as contraceptives he is permanently a father. He had his filling of her warm orifices he found himself longing for yet a new set of warm orifices.

She thought he loved her. He thought he loved her. They each vowed to love the other. One cannot promise to feel a certain way. Were their vows irrational? No. Love is an act of will. Can love abide lust? Who will stop the cycle?
από kmfrayed 21 Φεβρουάριος 2012
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