Best part of Bergan County. Kids there know how to have fun and party. Has a bad reputation but actually is better than it seems. Ramapo kids are diverse except for their skin color. They range from extreme partiers to hard core study kids. Very fun part of town. Bolder run is legit. They are re- building it so it's only going to be better. Don't get it wrong, Wyckoff is a good place to drink, smoke weed, and let loose.
New Bolder Run, wyckoff
από alyclayith. 1 Μάιος 2009
Top Definition
Wyckoff is an upper-class area of New Jersey. Home to Christians, Catholics, some Jews, Asians, and maybe one black person. It has 13 churches, and one temple. Extremely wealthy, especially the new part of town. It's a great place to raise your kids, because you don't have to worry about them getting into any trouble. There are just as many snobs, spoiled brats, high-matience, and "ghetto" kids as there are in some other towns, though. Kid's closets have A+F, Hollister, and Juicy written all over them. Kids play sports...mainly soccer. Good Schools, and people go to Ramapo to get sports schlorships, and not much else. The town to hang out in after school is Ridgewood. A lot of stay-at-home-moms, toddlers, and hard working dads. Wyckoff sounds kinda snobby, but it's a great town.
girl:i've heard of wyckoff before. it sounds like a great town.
boy: HELLZ YEAH! wyckoff kicks ass bitches!

why cough when you can sneeze? haha!
από wyckoff girl xoxo 16 Νοέμβριος 2005
Located in Bergen County, New Jersey, the lovely town of Wyckoff is more than anyone could ever hope for. Children get the finest education starting in kindergarten at Lincoln, Coolidge, Washington, or my personal favorite, Sicomac, where the "smart" kids go. Eisenhower Middle School is the place to slack off as you hide in the bathrooms during recess and steal water at lunch, not because you have to considering your parents are loaded, but just so you can feel badass. Ramapo High School is the place to be, but some tools choose to spend their four years at Indian Hills instead. You'll wear True Religion, Sevens, Juicy, Polo, Lacoste, Hollister, Abercrombie And Fitch, Free People, Lucky, and any other brand of clothes that will cost at least two-hundred for an outfit. You'll find tricked out cars in Ramapo's student parking lot and superlative night is the chance to tear on the people you've hated for years.

We're bitches and assholes, yes. But we're hot and rich, so unlike you, we get away with it.
Bitty- I live in Wyckoff
Bitty2- Damn.
από bitttyyyyy 15 Νοέμβριος 2006
Wyckoff is a great town in Northern New Jersey, Bergen County to be exact...It is an upper middle class area with a great school system...Parents can raise their children in this town and not have to spend one day worrying if something is going to happen to them...The place to hang out is boulder run, even though it kind sucks now that the cops are all over it so no one skateboards and stuff, but hey it has starbucks...The town is most know for having great labor day fireworks...

Just a side not though, don't shop in the stop n' shop they aren't very nice there...
Girl: I live in Wyckoff.
Boy: My mommy says she wants to move there.
Girl: You should there is a great playground and library in town that we can go to.
από wyckoffgirl 4 Οκτώβριος 2005
A kickass town, better than those snobby Franklin Lakes faggots. Need I say more?
Kid 1: I'm from franklin lakes

Kid 2: Wyckoff kicks your ass, faggot.
από wyckoffrulz 7 Μάιος 2009
Wyckoff is a pretty cool town in Bergen County, New Jersey with some okay people in it. Most of them go to ramapo with all the snobby Franklin Lakes kids but some do end up at Indian Hills most often because they got into a university program there. They're those kids that brag about going to parties and getting smashed and stoned while the Oakland kids just do that stuff and keep it to themselves. They keep to themselves mostly but do sometimes hang out with Flakers. They don't really talk to the Oakland people.
Wyckoff kid: "So the other day i was at this party and I was so drunk and it was so awesome..."
Oakland kid: "That happens all the time in my town."
από The guy that you probably know 23 Νοέμβριος 2008
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